Diego Andaluz

‘Luca’ Review: A Lacking Pixar Offering Saved by a Compelling Finale

On this edition of the The Global Film Show report, Editor-In-Chief Diego Andaluz gives his quick thoughts on Luca. Joined by numerous global contributors, they’ll discuss their in-depth thoughts on the technical and thematic strengths and shortcomings of the film, among other notable highlights on an upcoming episode of the podcast.

Two young boys experience an unforgettable Italian summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides. But all the fun is threatened by a deeply-held secret: they are sea monsters from another world just below the water’s surface.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

LUCA is a solid animated offering that fails to live up to Pixar’s best work. Largely enjoyable but lacking the ambition, thematic depth, & maturity present in Pixar’s finest films, it’s saved by an emotionally compelling finale that results in a joyfully adequate watch!

– Diego Andaluz

Luca is directed by Enrico Casarosa, stars Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer and Emma Berman, and comes to theaters on July 30th.

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